We offer Penn undergraduate students free, accessible, and convenient options to complement their in-class learning. 

Tutoring is available is in a variety of formats.  For most first-year students, the drop-in (satellite) tutoring services are the first stop. If the schedule or courses are not fulfilling your needs, then we encourage you to check out the Weekly Tutoring options.

What Penn students say about our tutors!

1 in 3
Penn students will work with a tutor at some point during their time here
Last year
Penn students met with tutors or attended a workshop almost 12,000 times!
of students surveyed reported that they would work with our tutors again

Drop-in (Satellite) Tutoring

No appointment is needed and you can stop by as often as you need! The schedule for each term is typically released in week 1 of a new term, and hours usually begin during week 2. The schedule may be updated throughout the term.

Always Check this page for updated hours & announcements.

please send questions or concerns about drop in tutoring to vwrenn@upenn.edu


Spring 2023 Schedule



*Starting 1/30

5pm – 9pm 

Harrison College House;

East lounge of the mezzanine

Saturday 10am – 2pmVirtual- Link here
Sunday 10am – 2pm

Ware College House

Bodine 306

Wed 4pm – 8pm

Gutman College House

Living Room 

Sunday5pm – 9pm 

Kings Court – Private Dining room


Starting 1/31

5:00pm – 9:00pm

Fisher College House

3rd floor Craig Library

Monday6pm – 10pm

Du Bois

Seminar Room A

Thurs5pm – 9pm 

Kings Court 

Private Dining Room

Sunday2pm – 6pm

Hill College House

Project Room A234

Wed3:30 – 6:30pm

Gregory College House

Van Pelt 1st floor Library study room

Sun10am – 2pm

Lauder College House

Seminar Room 103


10am – 2pm

Rodin College House 

Seminar Room M30 (1/28 & 2/11)

Seminar Room M20 (All other dates)


*Starting 1/30

4pm – 8pm

Ware College House

Bodine 306


Chemistry hours on 3/20 will start late – at 6:30pm

Upcoming Drop in Hours

Weekly Tutoring Contracts

Regular, weekly appointments with an assigned tutor and 2-3 other students in the course. This service requires registration with our office.  Those who have never requested a weekly tutor in the past must schedule an intake appointment.  Returning students can submit a new tutor request below!

Request a Weekly Tutor
Spring Requests will open on 1/9/2023

New Students must register before using this service
You can stop by a drop in event or make an appointment! 

Upcoming Drop-in Registration Events

 Jan 26th 10am – 12pm       2pm – 4pm  @ Weingarten Center
Feb 2cnd 1pm – 4:30pm              n/a @Weingarten Center
Feb 10th 10am – 12pm 3pm – 4:30pm @Weingarten Center
Feb 20th 10am – 12pm 2pm – 3:30pm @Weingarten Center
Feb 23rd 1pm – 3pm              n/a @MAKUU
Feb 28th 10am – 12pm  2pm – 3:30pm @Weingarten Center
March 23rd 1pm – 3pm              n/a @Weingarten Center

Already Registered with us?

Returning students can place their requests online

Students actively enrolled at the university.  You must be currently enrolled in the course you want a tutor for.

While Weingarten Center’s Tutoring does our best to provide services for as many courses as possible, we are not able to service every course at the university.  We are almost always able to serve the most popular first- and second-year courses.  Smaller courses, and courses in the junior and senior year are more difficult for us to staff.  Please submit the request for these courses and we will do our best to hire someone.  

Language courses are supported by the Penn Language Center  
Writing Courses are supported by the Marks Writing Center
We are currently very limited in our ability to support graduate courses. We encourage you to submit a request, but you should also reach out to your program director for alternative options.

You may have up to two active tutoring assignments at a time

We do our best to make assignments within two weeks from the initial request.  During high volume periods it can take longer.  Assignments also depend on tutor availability. 

You will be notified via email. Please check your junk folder before reaching out to us.

If we are unable to match you within three weeks, we will contact you with a status update. At this time, we will let you know if we think we will be unable to hire a tutor for the class you are seeking.

Assignments are typically 1-2 hours per week, depending on tutor availability.  You are expected to meet weekly with the tutor.

If your group needs more time than you are assigned in a particular week, you may request additional hours for that week. You are permitted to request extra time for up to three weeks in any term. Request for extra hours. 

You may cancel your meeting during a particular week. However, moving the hours to another week counts as a request for extra hours.  Please note that regularly canceling your assigned hours or missing the group meeting will result in termination of your contract.  This is to avoid students holding tutors that they do not need when other students may be waitlisted.  

You and your group will determine this along with your tutor. You can meet in any public space on campus or utilize a platform such as zoom for an online session.  

Group tutoring is the standard format of our services.  We believe that group tutoring creates the best space for collaborative learning.  In group tutoring, you are able to hear how your peers are experiencing the material, their questions, and strategies for success.  Groups will consist of 3-4 students with the tutor.  If you are having an issue with your assigned group, we encourage you to reach out to us.

The tutor will not re-teach or re-lecture material, nor will they assist you with homework.  To best utilize this service, you should be reviewing your material ahead of time and identifying specific questions or challenges you have with the material.  The tutor will lead you in conversations, activities, and exercises to help you answer those questions.  We also encourage you to ask the tutor about best practice study skills and strategies for this course.

Student Athlete Academic Achievement Program

The Tutoring Center is happy to partner with the Athletics Department to provide tutoring BY scholar athletes and FOR scholar athletes. 

How it works 

These hours are available by accessing the Tutor Trac system and searching for the course.  You must book appointments at least 24 hours in advance.

  • Access Tutor Trac & Penn authenticate
  • Click “Search Availability” on the left side of the screen
  • Search by course and times.  Note that you will have better luck if keep the time windows flexible.
  • Select the appointment you are interested in.

This service does not run during summer term.