Reconsideration Process

Students seeking accommodations based on a disability initiate the process by submitting relevant medical documentation in accordance with the guidelines established by Disability Services, a unit in the Weingarten Center. The guidelines are available on the Weingarten Center Getting Started page. Determination of accommodations encompasses review of medical documentation, the student’s history of accommodations (e.g., high school IEP/Section 504 Plan, SAT/ACT accommodation memos, etc.), and the interactive process between the student and the Disability Specialist. As part of the accommodation determination process, Disability Services may consult with the student’s academic advisor to obtain a better understanding of the school’s curricular framework. Disability Services may also consult with others regarding pertinent requirements.

In most instances, the reasonable accommodations determined by Disability Services are acceptable to the student.  A student receives a letter by e-mail from Disability Services as notification about denial of an accommodation request. If a student disagrees with Disability Services’ determination of reasonable accommodations, then the student can take the following steps to resolve the issue:

  • The student submits a written request by e-mail to the Director of Disability Services for reconsideration of the accommodation decision. This request should be sent within fifteen (15) calendar days of receiving a decision from the Disability Specialist regarding the accommodation.  The student may provide additional documentation at the time of the request to reconsider the accommodation decision.
  • The Director of Disability Services reviews the student’s request for reconsideration and meets with the student to discuss the issue, usually within fifteen (15) calendar days of receipt of the reconsideration request.  After the meeting and review have been completed, the Director provides a decision to the student by email, usually within fifteen (15) calendar days of the meeting with the student.
  • If the student is not satisfied with the decision of the Director of Disability Services, the student may submit a written appeal by e-mail to the Associate Vice Provost for University Life within thirty (30) calendar days of receiving the Director’s decision.
    • The student cannot include any new or additional information that was not presented in the initial reconsideration request. However, if the student has new information to share, the student may submit it to Disability Services as part of a new accommodation request. In addition, the Associate Vice Provost may redirect the student to Disability Services if they determine that circumstances (which could include the emergence of new information) warrant.
  • The Associate Vice Provost for University Life will review the student’s request for reconsideration, and may consult, as appropriate, with internal University representatives and/or an external evaluator with relevant expertise.
  • The decision of the Associate Vice Provost of University Life will be emailed to the student, usually within 30 calendar days. This is the final level of review in the accommodation reconsideration process.
If a student has questions about the reconsideration process, they may contact the Weingarten Center at or speak with their Disability Specialist.

University Student Grievance Procedures

Students may explore Penn’s Student Grievance Procedures at any time. Those procedures are separate from the Weingarten Center’s Reconsideration Process.