Advisory Board

The Weingarten Center Advisory Board works to increase the visibility of, and expand support for, Weingarten programs with a diverse audience of students, families, alumni, faculty, and staff stakeholders. Board members provide strategic council and advice that help challenge and elevate the mission of the Weingarten Center.

Board members’ passion and knowledge of the student learning and disabilities landscape, coupled with their willingness to focus their creative and problem-solving skills, are crucial to the continued development of our work. Board members are comprised of alumni, Penn parents, and faculty who are dedicated to the advancement of Penn’s Home for Academic Support and Disability Services.

To learn more about the Weingarten Center Advisory Board, please contact Dr. Jane Holahan, Executive Director of the Weingarten Center.

Weingarten Center Advisory Board

Photo of Leon Bostick

Harold L Bostick , MBA, JJD

Affiliation: School of Engineering Class of 1991 (Chemical Engineering)

Board member since: 2020

Interest in being a Board member: The ability to assist minority groups and advise students with physical challenges

Camille Z. Charles, PhD

Affiliation: Walter H. and Leonore C. Annenberg Professor in the Social Sciences, Professor of Sociology and Africana Studies, University of Pennsylvania

Board member since: 2020

Interest in being a Board member: So many of my students have benefitted from Weingarten in so many ways, it just made sense!

Photo of Ellen Cohen

Ellen Cohen, MBA

Affiliation: College of Arts and Science 1988 

Board member since: 2014

Interest in being a Board member: For several years, I ran a tutoring service coaching middle school and high school students in New York City, teaching them organizational and study skills to help better manage their school responsibilities. My work helped my students manage homework in order to improve overall performance, reduce pressure and create greater balance in their lives. I feel with the right help and resources, it can give students great confidence and academic success.

Photo of Judith Cohen

Judith Levy Cohen, M.Ed.

Affiliation: College for Women 1968, University of Pennsylvania, Parent of Graduate School alumna

Board member since: 2020

Interest in being a Board member: I am a learning specialist who has been in the field for over 50 years, so I feel I owe it to myself and the University that educated me to be involved. How the University serves its students with special needs is of great importance to me. Meetings provide fertile soil for the exchange of ideas and information.

Photo of Christine Ewan

Christine S. Ewan, JD

Affiliation: Former Penn staff member working with Penn Medicine for over 16 years; spouse Todd Alan Ewan, Esquire, SAS’90 and LAW’93.

Board member since: 2021

Interest in being a Board member: Weingarten’s work in the educational space for students who learn differently is so important not only to Penn students but to all students.  When an institution like Penn embraces students with learning differences and promotes and supports accommodations to help students reach their full academic potential, it sets the bar for other academic institutions to follow, and it helps normalize accommodations at primary schools, high schools, colleges, universities, and even in the workplace.  So few students with learning support needs will ever directly experience Weingarten, but Weingarten can directly help these students by being the think and do leader other institutions look to model.

What makes this membership meaningful to you?  I support Weingarten and its mission as a donor and as an advocate. The work is too important to not be shared; the students who are accomplishing their academic goals are too important not to be celebrated; and the future of educating all students who learn differently is too important to not be championed.  

Photo of Shawna Frazier

Shawna Frazier, MBA

Affiliation: Class of Wharton Graduate, Class of 2001

Board member since: 2020

Interest in being a board member: Weingarten’s focus on diversity and inclusion aligns with my life’s mission. I would like to assist with increasing visibility and expanding support for Weingarten’s programs to a diverse audience of students, families, alumni, faculty, and staff stakeholders.  Also appealing to me is the opportunity to give back to Penn — the place that has had such a significant impact on my life and career.

Photo of Christina Frei

Dr. Christina Frei

Affiliation: Executive Director of Language Instruction for School of Arts and Sciences, University of Pennsylvania

Board member since: 2015

Interest in being a Board member: As an educator, I see it as my duty and privilege to work together with Weingarten on the changing needs of students who need support. In addition, as a parent of a daughter with identified learning disabilities and a grandson diagnosed with Autism, I have a personal motivation to assist the Weingarten Center with their mission and vision to provide sustained and meaningful services to a diverse student community.

Weingarten has been a reliable partner in the educational mission of Penn. In particular, language education offers a unique opportunity (due to the smaller class size) to recognize students who experience difficulties with adapting to learning at a university. Recognizing these challenges can provide a meaningful opportunity to empower students early on in their academic careers to seek assistance at Weingarten and thus, manifest a satisfying and safe learning environment.

Photo of Whitney Gomez

Whitney K. Gomez

Affiliation: Wharton MBA 1998, parent of freshman (College 2026)

Board member since: 2021

Interest in being a Board member: As someone who has worn hearing aids for most of her life and has a son with a hearing disability, I have personally benefited from the kind of educational support that Weingarten provides. It is a pleasure to be a part of such an engaged and dynamic team and to support the impressive and impactful Weingarten Center.

Photo of Mary Landy

Mary P. Landy

Affiliation: College 1983

Board member since: 2018

Interest in being a Board Member: I have two children with learning and attention challenges and understand first-hand the importance of Weingarten’s efforts to ensure that every student at Penn has access to the support and services they need to reach their full potential. I feel strongly about Weingarten’s efforts to increase awareness about the needs and experiences of students with disabilities, both on Penn’s campus and in collaboration with other academic institutions through the Disability Symposium.

Photo of Amanda Lowenthal

Amanda Roberts Lowenthal

Affiliation: College 1998

Board member since: 2019

Interest in being a Board member: The support I received at Penn for my dyslexia made a huge difference in my experience in my college experience. Having two daughters with dyslexia, it is very important to me that colleges and universities, such as Penn, continue to have these types of supports in place.

Head shot of Morgan C.B. Miles

Morgan C.B. Miles, LEED AP

Affiliation: The Wharton School, MBA in Real Estate and Finance, Class of 2012

Board member since: 2023

Interest in being a Board member: The mission and values upheld by the Weingarten Center resonate with me deeply. As a student, I had the privilege of experiencing the inclusive and supportive atmosphere fostered by the Weingarten Center. It provided me with a safe and welcoming space where I could embrace my authentic self. The center championed the cause of diverse learners and empowered individuals with unique perspectives, valuing and celebrating “All of Morgan.” This environment enabled me to thrive throughout my MBA program, and I am thankful for the positive impact it had on my personal growth and academic success.

I strongly believe it is vital to recognize the entirety of each individual and embrace diversity in all its forms by fostering environments where everyone can flourish. By raising awareness and promoting inclusivity, we can help others understand that great minds do not think alike — that all minds, regardless of their differences, belong and deserve equitable opportunities.

Photo of Peggy Moh

Peggy Moh

Affiliation: Parent of Class 2020, Class 2023, Spouse of Class 1992

Board member since: 2020

Interest in being a Board member: Those students that need Weingarten’s assistance are those who work so hard to just be on the same playing field as other students. It is important that Weingarten is well supported so they can go help more students. The Board consists of a diverse group of great people with the simple intention of helping students who seek help from the Center to succeed. It is an honor to learn and work with such a group.

Photo of Jennifer Shen

Jennifer Pei-Ling Shen

Affiliation: Wharton Graduate School 2003

Board member since: 2021

Interest in being a Board member: I strongly believe in inclusion, and it wouldn’t be effective with a “one-size-fits-all” approach. Jane and her team genuinely care about each student and would go above and beyond to support their individual needs. Even with limited resources, the Weingarten Center has been able to make a real impact on many students’ lives. Moreover, there’s no better place than a prestigious academic institution like University of Pennsylvania to make changes happen. What the Weingarten Center does could potentially set the benchmark for other academic institutions and benefit many students outside the Penn community in the longer term.

Photo of Sharon Smith

Sharon E. Smith

Affiliation: Associate Vice Provost, University Life, University of Pennsylvania

Board member since: 2017

Photo of Lloyd Thomas

A. Lloyd Thomas

Affiliation: College 2006, Wharton 2006

Board member since: 2007

Interest in being a Board member: The Weingarten Center made a huge difference to my undergraduate experience, and indeed, my life! I was very lucky to know Penn’s best kept secret back then. Now I want to make sure that all students feel that they can take advantage of this resource and ensure that we scale to meet that demand!

I proudly thrived with dyslexia, thanks in large part, to the Weingarten Center.

Photo of Kimberly Tighe

Kimberly Tighe

Affiliation: College 1995, Elementary Education

Interest in being a Board member: I have a strong connection to Penn having graduated from the school of education. As a learning specialist since 1997, the Weingarten Center is integral in providing support and enrichment to the students and faculty of the university as well as to help facilitate a community of lifelong learners.

Photo of Meredith Verona

Meredith Verona, L. MA, BA

Affiliation: College 1995; Parent of student 2025

Board member since: 2020

Interest in being a Board member: Weingarten is vital in providing for diverse learners and providing the tools for every student to thrive and succeed at Penn.

Photo of Jeffrey Weingarten

Jeffrey Weingarten

Affiliation: Wharton 1970

Photo of Keisha Whaley

Keisha T. Whaley, MST, M.Ed.

Affiliation: Graduate School of Education, University of Pennsylvania, Class of 2017

Board member since: 2020

Interest in being a Board member: I made the commitment because I believe in Weingarten’s mission and purpose. I want to continue to be a support to students in their learning journey.

Photo of Patrick Yau

Patrick Yau

Affiliation: Class of 1995 Wharton

Board member since: 2021

Interest in being a Board member: As a former student at Penn, I know firsthand how valuable the student services provided by Weingarten can be for the academic experience and chance of success for incoming students. Weingarten Center is unique in providing support for students with disabilities, which is a cause I strongly believe in.

Janice Curington GR’11

Amanda Weingarten C’05