Scholarships for Students with Disabilities

The Weingarten Center accepts scholarship applications year-round from Penn students registered with Disability Services. The scholarship committee meets monthly and will only review complete scholarship applications submitted prior to the last day of the previous month. Students seeking scholarship consideration must demonstrate financial need determined by Student Registration and Financial Services’ financial aid policy

Although a student is registered with Disability Services as having a disability, this does not mean that the student necessarily qualifies for or will be selected to receive a scholarship. The Scholarship Committee reviews applications and makes award decisions in accordance with the eligibility criteria for each scholarship fund and the availability of funds.

Scholarship Options

  • Tuition-based scholarships assist in covering any cost of attendance not already covered by other grants. In consultation with Student Registration and Financial Services, the Weingarten Scholarship Committee determines eligibility for a tuition scholarship.

Apply for a Tuition-Based Scholarship

  • Psychological/neuropsychological testing funding is for students seeking an updated evaluation or have never undergone an evaluation but have been recommended to undergo an evaluation by a Disability Specialist in Disability Services, the Weingarten Center.

Apply for Psychological/Neuropsychological Test Funding

  • Summer internship funding is prioritized for students pursuing an unpaid internship that is relevant to their academic program. To determine a student’s eligibility, an offer letter from the organization/company must verify approval of participation and no remuneration will be provided as part of this internship. Students are encouraged to submit a scholarship request at least 2 months prior to the start date of the internship.

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  • Summer coursework funding is available to cover tuition and general fee for 1-2 summer courses. A student must first be enrolled in the courses to be considered for a summer coursework scholarship. 

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  • Equipment or services related to a physical disability funding is available for students who require equipment or services that are not covered by medical insurance. Prior to applying for a scholarship, students should discuss the possibility of this type of scholarship support with their assigned Disability Specialist in the Weingarten Center. 

Apply for Equipment or Services Related to a Physical Disability Funding

  • Assistive technology: Prior to applying for a scholarship for assistive technology consideration, consult with the Associate Director for Assistive Technology, who will be able to determine what technology might be advisable for you based on your disability. 

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Weingarten Center Scholarship Funds

E. Lois Bateman Scholarship Fund

For full-time students with disabilities to defray tuition and related expenses.

William and Carol Browne Summer Scholarship Fund

For undergraduate students with documented disabilities and demonstrated financial need who require a revised academic course roster that includes summer study at Penn and who would otherwise not be able to afford the cost of summer study. Recipients are encouraged to work closely with both Disability Services and Academic Support concurrent with summer studies.

Learning Disabilities Testing Fund

For undergraduate, graduate and professional students with demonstrated financial need who require testing to identify a disability. Students must meet with a Disability Specialist to determine that such testing is recommended.

Newcombe Foundation Class of 75 Fund

Provides partial tuition scholarships for a semester or an academic year for students with documented disabilities and demonstrated financial need. Also provides support scholarships for off-campus internships or work experience that relates to a course of study and enhances qualifications for future employment. On-campus internships will qualify if required by the disability.

Dr. Joseph W. & Ethel Darby Noble Scholarship Fund

For financial aid-eligible undergraduate or graduate students who are blind or have low vision to defray qualified tuition and related expenses.

The Pennsylvania Institution for the Blind Scholarship Fund

To support financial aid-eligible undergraduate or graduate students who are blind or have low vision, including but not limited to the purchase of adaptive equipment. Preference is given to students who have attended the Overbrook School for the Blind and those pursing degrees in Art or Music.

Philip Fulmer Scholarship Fund

For undergraduate or graduate students who are blind or have low vision.

Richard and Marjorie Schneidman Fund

For students with documented physical disabilities and demonstrated financial need to off-set expenses over and above tuition, room and board, in areas such as attendant services, adapted equipment, work experience, and library or typing assistance.