Workshops and Programs

The Weingarten Center offers learning strategies and tutoring workshops throughout the academic year in partnership with Penn faculty, student organizations, and campus colleagues. We facilitate workshops in and out of classrooms that vary in length from 15 to 90 minutes depending on the learning objectives. We accept workshop requests for virtual and in-person programs.

Learning Strategies Workshops

Learning specialists facilitate workshops on study skills and strategies for undergraduate, graduate, and professional students.

Tutoring Workshops

Peer-facilitated group discussions provide opportunities in some courses to discuss and apply course content, learn new ways of approaching material, and consider new resources for success.

Attend a Workshop

Check our Weingarten Center Events Calendar for upcoming events and to register for workshops.

Weingarten Center Events Calendar

Learn about upcoming events and register for workshops!

Request a Workshop

We encourage faculty, student organizations, and campus partners to submit requests for workshops that address learning strategies, tutoring, or disability services. We also offer programming inclusive of all Weingarten Center services.

Possible Program and Workshop Topics

Learning Strategies

  • Organization and Time Management
  • Exam Preparation
  • Effective Study Strategies
  • STEM Learning Strategies
  • Note-taking
  • Project Management
  • Academic Reading Strategies
  • Research and Academic Writing
  • Class Presentations and/or Participation
  • Goal Setting



  • Tutoring support for a study session or event (dependent on availability)
  • Tutoring Workshops (e.g., How to get the most out of your time with a tutor)
  • Overview of Services


Disability Services

  • Disability Inclusion and Accessibility for Events
  • Universal Design for Learning
  • Website and Digital Accessibility
  • Disability Awareness


We will attempt to accommodate all requests, but a minimum of one week’s notice is typically needed to schedule and design any group workshop.

Students, please note that this request form is only for group workshops. If you are seeking an individual consultation with a Weingarten Center staff member, please schedule an appointment through MyWeingartenCenter.

Please complete the following program request form and we will follow up with you as soon as possible.

Learning Strategies Workshops

Through workshops, our learning specialists will support you in developing effective learning habits and strategies. Learn more about our signature series below and check for current programs on the Weingarten Center Events Calendar.

Mastering the Ivy League

At the beginning of the fall semester, Mastering the Ivy League introduces undergraduates to essential study skills and strategies for college courses. During other times in the academic year, Request a Workshop for a customized program. 

Take control of your learning by creating a schedule that promotes productivity and balance.

You’re already a strong student. Now add some tools and strategies to take your learning to the next level.

Develop effective reading and note-taking methods as you engage with a variety of texts that may move from screen to page and back.

Gain key insights into effective STEM learning with attention to unique challenges and opportunities of problem sets and exams.

Prepare for new opportunities to demonstrate what you’ve learned through a variety of assessment formats.

Mastering the Ivy League logo

Academics Plus

At the beginning of the fall semester, the Weingarten Center partners with Student Counseling, Penn Libraries, and International Student and Scholar Services to offer dynamic workshops for international undergraduate, graduate, and professional students. These workshops address language, culture, and resources for students from linguistically diverse backgrounds. During other times in the academic year, Request a Workshop for a customized program. 

Co-facilitated by the Weingarten Center and Student Counseling, this workshop focuses on academic well-being by exploring topics such as setting yourself up well for academic success, staying motivated, and connecting with others.

Reading primary and secondary sources will enhance your learning and deepen your understanding of your field of study’s history, theories, and current issues. However, the amount of assigned reading can sometimes feel overwhelming, especially when English is a second language. The good news is that you can use many pre-, during-, and post-reading strategies to increase your understanding and retention of texts. This workshop will address those strategies and teach you how to adapt your strategies for different courses and different modalities.

Penn Libraries is a vast system of 17 libraries and millions of books and resources. Where do you even begin when you have a paper to write? This workshop will focus on finding and selecting appropriate sources using the Franklin catalog and Articles+ on the Penn Libraries website. Penn Libraries will provide strategies and tools for finding the information you need. Then learn about how a Learning Specialist at the Weingarten Center can support you through the writing process.

Develop strategies to express yourself better in English and learn about language resources available at Penn. This workshop will be co-facilitated by the Weingarten Center and International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS).

Strategies for Success in Graduate Studies

In collaboration with the Graduate Student Center, learning specialists facilitate discussion-based workshops to support graduate and professional students in their coursework and scholarly projects. Visit the Graduate Student Center Events Calendar for upcoming programs.

Develop effective reading and note-taking methods as you engage with a variety of texts that may move from screen to page and back.

Take control of your semester by assessing the demands that lie ahead and developing a specific and strategic plan to complete assignments and meet your goals.

Step back from the complex jargon of academic writing in your discipline to ensure that the purpose, argument, and structure of your writing are clear.

Tutoring Workshops

Workshops are peer-facilitated discussions about topics from the week. Students will have an opportunity to discuss and apply course content along with peers, learn new ways of approaching material, and consider new resources for success in the course.

Organic Chemistry 241, 242

Exact time & location vary by section / professor; join our canvas page to see schedule
  • Workshop Leaders are selected by the Organic Chemistry Coordinator
  • Each section of the course has a designated workshop time and leader; speak to your faculty member to determine your schedule
  • There will be one virtual session each week that will be available to all students from any section (Wednesday evenings)
  • Each section has one 120 minute session is held weeky on Sunday
  • Students apply course material by working in small groups solving problem sets

Join Canvas Page to access resources & recordings for this workshop

Nursing 163, 164

See Access information in your course canvas page

  1. Facilitator is selected by the Nursing School faculty
  2. Workshop leader holds two 60 minute review sessions per week; 1 in person & 1 virtual
  3. Two-hour exam preparation sessions are held prior to midterm and final exams
  4. Resources & recordings for this workshop are embedded directly in the canvas page for your course

* Workshops may be canceled or rescheduled to accommodate religious or other holidays. Your specific Facilitator will share their schedule with the group. 

Calculus Start Up


Spend some time reviewing essential pre-calculus skills and learning Tips from Weingarten Tutors about how to succeed in Math at Penn.  Our online module will allow you to work at your own pace, check in with tutors as needed, and learn how other Penn students have found success.  Content will focus on Math 1300 & 1400 curriculum but others are welcome.  In September, we will host a discussion with Penn Faculty, tutors and learning instructors to share strategies for success in the course. 

Join the Canvas Course to access review material, see tutor schedule, and register for our virtual panel. (Course becomes available on August 1st each year.