Become a Peer Educator

The Weingarten Center hires Penn students who seek to use their knowledge & experience to support their peers

Peer Educators on the Weingarten Team!

Peer Tutors 

Work with small groups of students in specific courses to assist in the learning of content knowledge. 

Workshop Leaders 

Lead weekly discussions with larger groups of students. Workshops emphasize collaborative problem solving & application of content. 

Other Student Roles

We hire two annual graduate student administrative assistants and occasional support for other peer led programs. 

Current Opening for Spring 2024 – Hiring for Graduate Monitors for Drop in tutoring space. 


Peer Tutoring Information

Tutor responsibilities include working with individuals or groups of students to support the development of content knowledge, best practices in study skills, and to provide emotional support to students with whom they work.  Tutor assignment options include weekly contracts, Drop-in locations, & athletic study halls.  Job placement is based on department needs.

Tutors are responsible for meeting with tutees on a regular basis as determined by tutee contract options, maintaining on-going communication with Weingarten Staff regarding challenges encountered during or resulting from tutorial sessions, and submitting timesheets and other required paperwork on a timely basis.  

  • Pay: $16.00 Per hour; training is paid time
  • Minimum weekly time commitment – 3 hours per week
  • Work with students in small groups on a weekly basis as assigned
  • Attend all required training
  • Complete an annual self-evaluation and observation
  • Communicate with staff and students appropriately and in a timely manner
  • Minimum Cumulative GPA of 3.0 
  • Grade of A- or better in a course taken in the School of Arts & Science or School of Nursing
  • Grade of B+ or better in a course taken in the School of Engineering or Wharton
  • Attendance at Required Training
  • Compliance with university policies for student employment
  • Courses you wish to tutor must have been completed at Penn OR you will be required to have a Penn faculty member verify your qualification

Prior to meeting with students, all peer tutors are required to complete the following training

  • Online canvas module that covers policies, procedures, and use of required software (about 1 hour of time)
  • 5 Hours of synchronous training that cover a wide range of topics necessary to tutor success including: Managing tutor relationships, creating inclusive learning spaces, structuring tutoring sessions, and basic learning theory. 

How long will it take to hear back after submitting an application? 

  • This depends on the time of year that you apply and the courses that you list. Our major hiring periods are the beginning and ends of terms.

My application says “New Hold” What does that mean? 

  • This means that your application was received. It may or may not have been reviewed yet. Applications that say “New Hold” simply mean that they are potential tutors. If your application is no longer under consideration it will say “Reviewed- Not hired

How do I edit a previously submitted application?

I took a class at another university and would like to tutor here; can I? 

  • If you have transfer credit or other qualifications that think make you qualified to tutor a course at Penn, we ask that you seek verification from a faculty member or department representative. This approval must be provided in writing. 

Complete an online Tutor Application Here! 


  • We are always accepting applications; feel free to apply at any time. 

  • Applicants selected to move forward are based on a combination of candidate qualifications and the centers hiring needs.  If selected to move forward you will be contacted with information on next steps

  • If you are not selected in a particular term, your application will stay on file for future consideration

  • Any candidate selected will be required to complete hiring paperwork required by the university, including a verification of SSN, and a paid training session before being eligible

If you have transfer credit or other qualifications that think make you qualified to tutor a course that you did not take at Penn, we ask that you seek verification from a faculty member or department representative.  Verification must be provided in writing (email is fine). 

Courses with Open Positions

You are welcome to apply to tutor courses not listed. You would be contacted should an opening for which you qualify arise.

  • ACCT 1010, 1020, & 2420
  • ASTR 0001
  • BEPP 2500
  • BIOL 1102 & 2410
  • CHEM 1021, 1022, 2220, & 2420, 
  • CIS 1210, 1600, 2400, & 3200
  • Econ 0200, 2100, 2200, & 2300
  • ESE 1120, & 3010
  • FNCE 1010
  • LGIC 1710
  • MATH 1080, 1400, 1410, 1700, 2400, & 3140
  • MKTG 1010
  • NURS 1630, & 1650
  • OIDD 1010
  • PHYS 0101, 0102, & 0151
  • STAT 1010, 1020, & 1110

Workshop Leader Positions

  • Pay $16 – 17.00 Per hour. Training is paid time. 
  • Time commitment: 5-10 hours per week 
  • Facilitate weekly workshops to support students in the specific course
  • Create lesson plans that emphasize critical thinking & application of material
  • Manage asynchronous support as needed
  • Communicate with faculty and weingarten staff as appropriate
  • Attend all required training
  • Minimum Cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • A- or better in the Course
  • Comfortable speaking in front of groups 
  • Previous exerience as a tutor or TA Preferred
  • Faculty Referral may be requested
  • Completion of all required training
  • Compliance with HR eligibility requirements for student employment

Workshop leaders are expected to attend 3-5 hours of training at the start of each term.  Other training and consultations are offered as needed. 

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