For Faculty and Staff

We appreciate your partnership as the Weingarten Center provides Penn students with high-quality and timely academic support and disability services. We’ve outlined information and resources that will enhance our collaborative efforts and best position students to succeed.

If you have questions about an accommodation letter you received for a student in your class, please contact us.

Resources for Your Courses

Build our syllabus statement, Canvas pages, tutoring resources, and learning strategy supports into your courses.

Working with Disability Services

Strengthen our partnership by learning more about academic accommodations and your role and responsibilities.

Refer a Student to Weingarten

Encourage students to connect with the Weingarten Center's resources, services, and programs.

Access the MyWeingartenCenter
Faculty Portal

  • View and sign accommodation letters for students in your courses.
  • Provide information about your exams for students using the Center for Accommodated Testing.
  • Upload exams to be administered and pick up completed exams.