Straight from Penn Vet: Study Strategies

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Last week, Penn Vet invited us to join their second-year student mentors as they prepared to welcome and support the incoming cohort of Penn Vet students. These experienced students and practitioners shared some wonderful strategies for successfully balancing a demanding course load.

Here are some of their tips for learning anatomy:

Grab a study buddy.

Draw it out. Then draw it again.

Review your notes right after class.


They also had some great ideas for general study strategies:

Repetition is key.

Don’t be afraid to try different ways of processing information. Even if it seems weird. Especially if it’s talking aloud to yourself.

Be creative.

Use colors and different materials available to you (white boards, markers, flashcards).


To discuss study strategies specific to your coursework, visit to our office. We’re here to help.