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18th Annual Disability Symposium Logo: Strengthening Partnerships
18th Annual Disability Symposium Handouts

Symposium Information

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Morning Plenary

When Compliance Efforts are Hampered by Organizational Discord, Salome Heyward, JD

Morning Plenary – Handout

Morning Workshops

Workshop A – Accessibility and Empathy: What Does it Really Mean and Why Should I Care?, Manju Banerjee, Ph.D.

Workshop A – Slides

Workshop B – What Are You Hearing? A Presentation and Discussion about Current Opportunities and Challenges in Providing Inclusive Experiences and Accommodations for Graduate Students, Catherine Axe, M.Ed., and Eileen Connell Berger, M.S.Ed

Workshop B – Slides

Workshop C – Scrutinizing Disability Documentation Over a Lifetime, Morgan Blisard, M.S.Ed., and Loring Brinckerhoff, Ph.D

Workshop C – Slides

Workshop D – So Your University Wants to Go Online, Terry L. Watson, M.S., and Maggie Kwok, M.Ed.

Workshop D – Slides

Workshop D – Handout

Afternoon Plenary

What to Do When Students with Disabilities Aren’t Coping Well ‘” Forging Partnerships Among Students, Parents, and Disability Support Service Providers, Anthony L. Rostain, M.D., M.A., and B. Janet Hibbs, M.F.T., Ph.D.

Afternoon Plenary – Slides

Afternoon Workshops

Workshop E – If We Knew Then What We Know Now: Lessons Learned from Experienced Disability Support Educators, Jane F. Holahan, Ed.D., Susan McMenamin, M.A. SpEd, PRSE, and Marcia Wiedefeld, M.A.

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Workshop F – Accessibility On-boarding for College and University Staff, Joe Schaffner, M.A., M.L.S., and Clay Colmon, M.A.

Workshop F – Slides

Workshop G – Beyond Accommodations: Meeting the Ongoing Needs of Students, Susan Willson, M.S., and Emily Trott

Workshop G – Slides

Workshop H – The Importance of Parent Partnerships for a Successful Transition to College, John Woodruff, M.S.

Workshop H – Slides