Symposium Handouts

Symposium Handouts

Some of our presenters have kindly submitted information that they are including in their presentation.  If you are attending one of the following workshop sessions, please print the handouts ahead of time or bring your laptop/iPad to reference the information.  If you choose to go green, you will be able to access the internet during the symposium.

Morning Workshops:

Session C

Leading them Out of the Nest: Empowering Students to Request Accommodations in Employment, Tracie DeFreitas, M.S.

Afternoon Workshops:

Session E

The Bridges to Adelphi Program: A Comprehensive College Support Program for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Mitch Nagler, M.A., LMHC

Session F

From the Chalkboard to the Keyboard: Accessible Technology for Teaching and Learning, Valerie C. Haven, M.Div., MTS

Session G

Welcome Home: Helping Student Veterans Succeed on Campus, David M. Joseph, Ph.D.