Campus Accessibility

Accessibility is a shared value and a shared responsibility at Penn. The Weingarten Center partners with other departments throughout campus to coordinate and improve the accessibility of buildings and grounds, transportation, communication, and digital infrastructure.

Accessible Housing

Disability Services and Residential Services work together to review disability-related housing accommodation requests and make appropriate room assignments. Students who want to request a disability-related housing accommodation should connect with Disability Services by completing an Accessibility Request through the MyWeingartenCenter student portal. Students seeking approval for an emotional support animal should start the process through MyWeingartenCenter.

The deadline for returning students to submit a request for housing accommodations for the 2024-25 school year is January 23, 2024. Room assignments will be made in February.

While students are able to request accommodations at any point during their time at Penn, Disability Services cannot consider a disability-related housing accommodation for any student who does not have an active housing application. If you are unsure of your housing status, you can reach out to Housing Occupancy at

Students who require the services of a personal care attendant should coordinate with Disability Services. The Student’s Personal Care Attendant Guidelines explain the procedures associated with having a personal care attendant in the College House.



Disability Services works closely with Penn Dining to meet the needs of students with dietary restrictions due to a medical condition. Students seeking accommodations for their dining plan should register with Disability Services by completing the Accessibility Request through the MyWeingartenCenter student portal.


Emergency Evacuation

Disability Services works closely with the Division of Public Safety to support students with disabilities in planning for an emergency evacuation from campus buildings.


Penn Accessible Transit (PAT)

Penn Accessible Transit is a ride service for individuals with disabilities provided by Penn’s Transportation department. Students seeking accessible transit services should register with Disability Services by completing the Accessibility Request through the MyWeingartenCenter student portal.



Penn’s Transportation and Parking department manages the accessible parking options.


Penn Building Access

The Facilities and Real Estate Services department maintains information on the accessibility of Penn buildings. Their site includes maps and documents with accessibility information on every building on campus.


Accessibility Mapping Project

The Accessibility Mapping Project is a digital interface for mapping physical and social barriers on college campuses.


Web Accessibility

The University of Pennsylvania is committed to making its technology accessible to all people. This central website is a resource on all topics related to web accessibility at Penn.


Accessible Event Planning Guide

This guide offers event planners instructions, resources, and support to ensure that their events create a more inclusive environment for individuals with disabilities.