Exam Analysis Consultations

Learning Specialists collaborate with students and faculty to offer exam analysis as part of our learning consultations at the Weingarten Center. Exam analysis helps students further develop their exam preparation and exam-taking strategies by analyzing their performance on recent exams. These sessions focus on how students study and take exams, rather than content knowledge, which should be addressed with faculty.

The following steps outline how students, faculty members, and the Weingarten Center work together to make this service possible.

Step 1: Student Makes an Appointment and Notifies Course Instructor

The student schedules a consultation with a learning specialist through MyWeingartenCenter and emails the course instructor asking them to forward the exam to the Weingarten Center prior to the appointment. The student should provide the course instructor with the first and last name of the learning specialist with whom they will be meeting.

Step 2: Course Instructor Sends Electronic Copy of Student’s Exam Via SecureShare

The course instructor uses the name of the learning specialist provided by the student to send an electronic copy of the student’s exam through Secure Share.

Step 3: Student Confirms that Weingarten Center Received Exam Before Appointment

The student emails their learning specialist (see Our Team for contact information) to confirm that the exam has been delivered prior to the appointment. If the exam has yet to be delivered, the student is responsible for following up with the course instructor.

It is highly recommended that a student not cancel their appointment if the exam has yet to be delivered. The student can use the scheduled appointment to discuss general exam preparation, exam-taking, and other learning strategies.

Step 4: Learning Specialist and Student Analyze Exam

During the consultation, the learning specialist will allow the student to review the exam. The student and the learning specialist will analyze the exam together in order to identify effective exam preparation and exam-taking strategies.

The student will not be permitted to take screenshots or photographs of the exam or to write down exam questions or answers. The student must follow any instructions or guidelines provided by the course instructor about how they should interact with the exam. If the student takes screenshots, copies exam questions, or fails to follow the course instructor’s guidelines during the consultation, the learning specialist will notify the course instructor. A violation of class policy may then be referred to the Office of Student Conduct for a formal disciplinary review.

Step 5: Learning Specialist Deletes Electronic Copy of the Exam

After the consultation, the learning specialist deletes the electronic copy of the exam.

Contact Us

If you have any question or concerns about Exam Analysis Consultations, please call 215-573-9235 or email weingartenlrc@vpul.upenn.edu.