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Penn staff member reviewing a book sitting at their computer

Family Weekend: Supporting Your Student’s Online Learning

As part of Family Weekend 2020 hosted by the Office of Student Affairs, staff from Learning Resources, Tutoring Services, and Student Disabilities Services presented Supporting Your Student’s Online Learning.

The presentation highlighted many of the challenges that students are encountering with online coursework, such barriers to establishing a conducive workspace, disruptions to sleep and productivity due to time zone differences, and difficulty managing attention, anxiety, and feelings of isolation. To assist family members as they support their students in addressing these obstacles, our team shared an array of Weingarten Center resources as well strategies for engaging students, addressing their needs, and possibly stepping back as they figure out what works best for their learning and study during this difficult semester.

We invite both students and family members to check out our recording of this presentation and to email with any questions. All of the materials referenced in the video can be found on our Resources for Online Learning page.

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