Weingarten Ambassadors

These are profile photos of 5 of our ambassadors, from left to right: Tiphani Swaby, Mary Shin, Niko Simpkins, Cypress Marrs, and Hoang Anh Phan.

The Weingarten Ambassadors program brings together undergraduate, graduate, and professional students from various disciplines and affiliations to increase student awareness and use of the resources of all offices at the Weingarten Center.

Weingarten Center services are most effective when they are used proactively and consistently, and we are excited that our experienced and informed ambassadors will help connect more students with the Weingarten Center at critical moments in their academic lives at Penn.

Our Mission

This program equips and mobilizes students to better support their peers by becoming advocates for the academic resources that they value and have found useful.

Weingarten Ambassador Expectations

Weingarten Ambassadors have the flexibility to define their own contributions to the Weingarten Center that may involve advocacy, referral, and outreach. This flexibility allows our ambassadors to fulfill the following expectations creatively:

  • Attend monthly meetings and share progress on projects and deliverables

  • Participate in one Weingarten event per semester

  • Provide materials upon request for various digital platforms

  • Complete 3-4 smaller contributions

What is a contribution?

Throughout the semester, Ambassadors may:

  • Refer a peer to meet with a learning instructor

  • Request a workshop for your student organization

  • Promote Weingarten Center in a class (with permission)

  • Work with Weingarten Center staff at events to plug services and programs

  • Share Weingarten Center updates through Social Media

  • Share testimonials / academic strategies on the Weingarten Blog

  • Provide feedback on Weingarten Center programs, services, and outreach

  • Participate in panels to share your experience with Weingarten Center services and various courses/departments

  • Work on existing special initiatives

    • Subject-Specific Student Study Skills Panels

    • Time Management Simulation

    • Collaborations with Penn Chemistry